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Guilty Advertising Pleasure

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. I originally began going to school with the desire to get into advertising. I still think it would be a blast to get into an advertising position but I’m definitely ok with where I’m at right now. I say all that to explain my odd fascination with commercials. I get literally giddy when I see a well put together creative advertising campaign. It’s not something I’m proud of.

My favorite types of commercials are definitely the off the wall completely creative advertisements. These aren’t always as effective as one would hope but from a pure aesthetic sense they are by far my favorite.  A close second and definitely my “guilty pleasure” ads are advertisements that employ “Points of Difference” or POD. Basically these are ads that directly compare two competitors products. I enjoy these ads because they can get so ridiculously petty. Here are two good examples that I’ve seen in the last few days:

“Droid Does Commercial”


KFC vs Subway $5 Meal

 For me the more petty these ads are the better. Whether it’s the Mac Vs PC commercials or every single fast food restaurant advertising that their food is healthier than every other fast food restaurant, I love it. I think it’s because it shows that even if you’re out of college, making big bucks, wearing suits and responsible for the brand image of a large organization, you can still act like a kid trying to win the student elections by telling your classmates that your adversary still wets the bed and has poor personal hygiene.


Do you have any completely ridiculous ads you’ve seen lately?