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An Epic Tale as Told In Word Pictures

October 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I went on an epic although futile journey to Pikes Peak.  I brought a camera with which to capture the breathtaking views, the colors of the leaves changing in the brisk autumn air, the memories made between me and my friends, and the adventures that we undertook.  Unfortunately the batteries that I purchased at Walgreens before our hike were dead when I put them in my camera.

Since I was unable to paint you photograph pictures I will instead have to paint you word pictures of our trip which won’t be nearly as epic but will hopefully still make you feel like you were in the mountains with us.

We started the hike in the Crags parking lot.  It looked like a normal parking lot with a bathroom (that I later found out smelled awful).  We then climbed up some stone steps and started on the trail.  We hiked on the trail and saw many many aspen trees turning from a Crayola brand “yellow-green” crayon color to a “autumn-leaf yellow” color (hopefully my word pictures are helping you feel like you are there). 

After hiking and hiking and hiking and hiking some more we got to the top of a “Crag” or in layman’s terms a “big rock.”  It was insanely windy.  I realize “insanely” doesn’t help you picture how windy it was so for this one I’m going to put a picture up:


This is quite literally what the wind was like.  We didn’t actually see a cloud blowing on us like that but I’m pretty sure there was a cloud somewhere doing this because it was really really really windy.

After the end we kept following the trail where we ran into two older men.  They informed us that we were actually on the wrong trail to get to Pikes Peak so we started back-tracking.

To make a long story short we took another wrong turn and finally decided that getting to the top of Pikes Peak was not meant to be for us that day.  Instead we climbed to the top of a massive rock pile.  To fully get the word picture in this place I want you to think about a very tall building 4 stories minimum.  If that building was made out of rock and had very convenient ledges to climb onto and wasn’t so much building shaped as it was rock shaped then that would be what this rock pile we climbed on was like.

After that, while we were climbing down the rock pile we came to an interesting formation that was like a tunnel only it wasn’t very long.  It led down to where we wanted to get to, it was kind of like a straw but made out of rocks and much wider but, proportional to its width, much skinnier than a straw.  Since I’m sure you can picture it in your head right now I don’t think I have to tell you how epic it was.

Later on our hike back we found a nice little mini cave that we sat in and ate our granola bars and flavored rice cakes.  While we were eating birds flew over so we began to feed them.  It was like a scene out of Snow White only instead of a bunch of woodland creatures helping a woman clean it was a bunch of birds eating granola and rice cakes out of some awesome dudes’ hands.

The final epic thing we did on the hike was jump over a chasm.  Luckily this is another thing that I can at least give you an idea of with another picture:


So if the hobbits were hiding in a chasm and not on the side of a hill, it would be just like this, there were trees, and roots, and an overhang.   The chasm itself was about 7 feet wide and it was quite intimidating.  Finally though myself and another friend were able to work up the guts to make the 9 foot jump to the other side and after we jumped all 13 of those feet we really felt like we accomplished something amazing.

So there you have it, a highlight of all the epic things that were done on our epic yet futile journey to the top of Pikes Peak.

And the moral of the story?  Don’t buy double-A batteries from Walgreens because they don’t work and you’ll be left spending way to much time trying to come up with adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, and similes to describe your hike when you could have just posted a bunch of pictures.