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Catch Up and Food Fun

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

First I need to make a confession: I Nathan M. Landry am completely awful at completing the Fitness Friday challenge. I’ll keep trying, I won’t give up completely…but I’m awful at it.  It isn’t that I’m lazy, I just have such a random schedule that I don’t have a reliable good time to do it… unless I just woke up early, but that’s crazy talk.

Unfortunately, because I’ve been so ashamed of myself for not doing fitness friday, I haven’t posted anything else and believe me there has been a lot to post.  With that said we’ll get right to it.

Firstly, the Boy Scouts is going good. I’m beginning to get the basics down. It is definitely keeping me busy. 

Next, I recently co-signed a lease for a condo. We have the keys, my roomie is already moved in, I’ll be moving in at the beginning of the month. It’s pretty exciting, even more exciting is the fact that my roommate has a number of swords I get to play with, including but not limited to, a Braveheart sword! This is a legitimate 4 or so foot long sword, it’s so large in fact that you can’t fully swing it without hitting the ceiling.

I won’t be moving in until november because I’m currently house sitting for a couple.  The house is huge, they have a hot tub (that is broken unfortunately) a trash compactor, a tree growing inside the house, two dogs that apparently hate it when I type because they keep stepping on my hand, and a doll that is too frightening for words:

I haunt Nathans dreams when he sleeps.

"I haunt Nathan's dreams when he sleeps."

Other than the doll and other awkward creepy things in the basement it’s fun, and did I mention the T.V. is massive?

The final thing I’m going to touch on in this blog is a plug for the most amazing show that everyone else probably already knows about:

Awesomeness in video form

"Awesomeness in video form"

In case you are like me and haven’t ever heard of Man Vs. Food, let me give you the low down:

Adam Richman, a food enthusiast, tours the country looking for “Americas greatest ‘pig-out’ spots.” He finds different challenges such as one the challenge home to Denver where if you can eat a…


7lb Breakfast Burrito!!!
7lb Breakfast Burrito!!!


He then takes on the challenge and samples other hot food spots. Some of the things he’s eaten so far are: 

  • a slice of pizza the size of a baby
  • a 3.5 lb cinnamon roll the size of a cake
  • a burger even larger than a red top burger (which is really big)
  • possibly the worlds hottest ramen noodle soup
  • hot wings drenched in sauce made from Habanero peppers
  • a burger featuring ghost peppers (something like 5x hotter than Habanero peppers)

I would highly recommend this show, and believe me, I hope one day to conquer the burrito mentioned above.

Until next time,

I’m Nathan and You Stay Classy World Wide Web.


The Three “F’s” Fitness Friday and Failure

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Today once again is Fitness Friday the time of the week when I tell you all about my goal to eventually get ripped.  Unfortunately there isn’t much to say this week.  I started out strong on Monday; I did all the required exercises, both push-ups and sit-ups.  Wednesday, however, not only did I go on a hike but I was punched in the gut by flu like symptoms. (When I say punched in the gut I am, of course, being figurative. It wasn’t the stomach flu it was the normal flu I am just inferring that it came with out warning and it was a jerky thing to happen.)

Between the flu, hiking, and youth group I had no energy left Wednesday to work on my “guns” or my “pack.” I consoled myself by saying I would simply do it Thursday.  Thursday rolled around however and between suffering from, at this point, extreme flu like symptoms and work I had absolutely no desire nor energy to perform the required exercises.

All of this brings us to today, Fitness Friday. I am still ill although I feel much better compared to yesterday.  And I don’t have any desire to work on my “guns” or sculpt my “pack.”  I hope to work up the motivation to do it by the time I go to sleep tonight but we’ll have to see.  Either way I plan on picking back up with the same week next Monday and this time succeeding.

I won’t let this get me down though, I will rise above this. I will fight to achieve the body of an Adonis. So do not lose faith kind readers I will rise above my laziness and my sickness. The odds are against me but I will continue the fight.  One day I will beat it! It may take me a day, or a week, or even a week and a half but it will be done. It will be done!