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New Feature: Fitness Friday

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Don’t get the wrong impression of me, I don’t mean to be selfish but this post is going to be all about me.  That was just a quick FYI for you.

I’m going to try something here and we’ll see if it works, if I don’t post anything like this next week then everyone will know the idea (and myself, as the originator of the idea) will have been a failure.  I’m going to start a new “feature” on this blog called Fitness Friday partially because one day I hope to look like this:


Not only will I have an 8-pack and overly large pectorals, I will also have the strength to fight off a thousand nations of the Persian Empire as they descend upon me…but I digress.

Even more importantly, though, Fitness Friday is alliteration, which makes it more fun.

So what does Fitness Friday entail?  I’m going to start a new workout regimen that will replace my current workout plan that consists of sword fighting on Wii Sports Resort and dancing poorly at traffic lights.  I’m going to replace it with two different plans they are:

I know the pictures may look a little “soft” what with the light colors and the girl doing the push-ups, but fear not, for there is absolutely nothing girly about being able to pound out 100 push-ups.

This morning I did the initial test for both of the programs; I was able to do 81 sit-ups (which are really crunches the way they have you do them) which put me in the “excellent” category, and 41 push-ups which put me at “level 4.”  Those numbers mean 2 things:

1) I am a beast!

2) I am supposed to start at week 3 of the 6 week program because I am such a beast.

So here we go it’s Friday today so I’ll start week 1 on Monday and next Friday I’ll post how it all went. I also found a pull-up challenge that I may try to throw in with this too, but we’ll have to see how I feel after the first week or so. And if all else fails I can always fall back on this exercise plan:

That’s all I’ve got today, have a great weekend everybody