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Guilty Advertising Pleasure

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. I originally began going to school with the desire to get into advertising. I still think it would be a blast to get into an advertising position but I’m definitely ok with where I’m at right now. I say all that to explain my odd fascination with commercials. I get literally giddy when I see a well put together creative advertising campaign. It’s not something I’m proud of.

My favorite types of commercials are definitely the off the wall completely creative advertisements. These aren’t always as effective as one would hope but from a pure aesthetic sense they are by far my favorite.  A close second and definitely my “guilty pleasure” ads are advertisements that employ “Points of Difference” or POD. Basically these are ads that directly compare two competitors products. I enjoy these ads because they can get so ridiculously petty. Here are two good examples that I’ve seen in the last few days:

“Droid Does Commercial”


KFC vs Subway $5 Meal

 For me the more petty these ads are the better. Whether it’s the Mac Vs PC commercials or every single fast food restaurant advertising that their food is healthier than every other fast food restaurant, I love it. I think it’s because it shows that even if you’re out of college, making big bucks, wearing suits and responsible for the brand image of a large organization, you can still act like a kid trying to win the student elections by telling your classmates that your adversary still wets the bed and has poor personal hygiene.


Do you have any completely ridiculous ads you’ve seen lately?


Catch Up and Food Fun

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

First I need to make a confession: I Nathan M. Landry am completely awful at completing the Fitness Friday challenge. I’ll keep trying, I won’t give up completely…but I’m awful at it.  It isn’t that I’m lazy, I just have such a random schedule that I don’t have a reliable good time to do it… unless I just woke up early, but that’s crazy talk.

Unfortunately, because I’ve been so ashamed of myself for not doing fitness friday, I haven’t posted anything else and believe me there has been a lot to post.  With that said we’ll get right to it.

Firstly, the Boy Scouts is going good. I’m beginning to get the basics down. It is definitely keeping me busy. 

Next, I recently co-signed a lease for a condo. We have the keys, my roomie is already moved in, I’ll be moving in at the beginning of the month. It’s pretty exciting, even more exciting is the fact that my roommate has a number of swords I get to play with, including but not limited to, a Braveheart sword! This is a legitimate 4 or so foot long sword, it’s so large in fact that you can’t fully swing it without hitting the ceiling.

I won’t be moving in until november because I’m currently house sitting for a couple.  The house is huge, they have a hot tub (that is broken unfortunately) a trash compactor, a tree growing inside the house, two dogs that apparently hate it when I type because they keep stepping on my hand, and a doll that is too frightening for words:

I haunt Nathans dreams when he sleeps.

"I haunt Nathan's dreams when he sleeps."

Other than the doll and other awkward creepy things in the basement it’s fun, and did I mention the T.V. is massive?

The final thing I’m going to touch on in this blog is a plug for the most amazing show that everyone else probably already knows about:

Awesomeness in video form

"Awesomeness in video form"

In case you are like me and haven’t ever heard of Man Vs. Food, let me give you the low down:

Adam Richman, a food enthusiast, tours the country looking for “Americas greatest ‘pig-out’ spots.” He finds different challenges such as one the challenge home to Denver where if you can eat a…


7lb Breakfast Burrito!!!
7lb Breakfast Burrito!!!


He then takes on the challenge and samples other hot food spots. Some of the things he’s eaten so far are: 

  • a slice of pizza the size of a baby
  • a 3.5 lb cinnamon roll the size of a cake
  • a burger even larger than a red top burger (which is really big)
  • possibly the worlds hottest ramen noodle soup
  • hot wings drenched in sauce made from Habanero peppers
  • a burger featuring ghost peppers (something like 5x hotter than Habanero peppers)

I would highly recommend this show, and believe me, I hope one day to conquer the burrito mentioned above.

Until next time,

I’m Nathan and You Stay Classy World Wide Web.

The Happidy Haps (A.K.A. – What Is Happening)

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Although I’m fairly certain most anyone reading this knows me personally, unless I become famous over night, or it’s actually months from now and my blog has gained a massive following and someone is going back through the archives to see where it all started… I digress… Although I am fairly certain most anyone reading this knows me personally, I feel like I should put an update on here of my life.  After all isn’t that what a blog is? I believe it is derived from the roots “b” and “log.”  “b” Of course being short for “what be happening” and “log” being a word referring to a written account of something. Thus a “blog” is really a “written account of what be happening.”

And now that I’ve explained all that I’ll write an account of what be happening.

First off some quick blog business: Fitness Friday is going to be pushed to saturday…but only this week.  This is because I am going to do day 2 of my 3 day workout after I’m done typing this, then I’ll do day 3 saturday so I can talk about my first completed week of studliness.  Also if I posted it on Friday it would be like two posts in one day which is madness.

Now on to my life:

I have started working as a District Executive for the Pike’s Peak Council Boy Scouts of America.  Basically I work with volunteers, and recruit kids, and raise funds for the Boy Scouts.  Here are some of the high points and low points of the job:

High Points

  • I get to interact with a lot of different people
  • I get official business cards
  • I get to work with an organization I believe in
  • I get an awesome Boy Scouts uniform
  • I can go in late sometimes
  • I have sweet popcorn hook-ups


  • The hours are a little weird
  • Dave calls me a Brownie

Over all though it seems like it’ll be a great job.  I’ve only been at it for a week but I’ve learned a lot and look forward to learning and doing more.

Also a friend of mine and I are looking at places to live, the future home of Mr. & Mr. Nathan and Joe…we’ll be in separate rooms of course.  It’s been interesting, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t shed a few tears over the process.  Not a whole lot to tell there, we may be closing in on an option but no one knows for sure…unless you are someone from the future reading the archives then you probably know exactly how the whole situation pans out… If only I knew now what you will know then.

Those are the two biggest developments in my life right now but as an added bonus I’m going to give you a few things to mull over, I’ll call them “things I’m digging.”

Things Nathan Is ‘Digging’ (aka – Things Nathan is Enjoying/ A Fan Of)

  • This Season of How I Met Your Mother
  • The Season Premier and the Wedding Episode of The Office (the 2 episodes in between were let-downs)
  • The New David Crowder *Band CD
  • This Site
  • More specifically, this product on that site:


Seriously I want a pair of these. I wonder if they come in my size.

  • My Gal – this is where you can all say “awwwwwe” and I can earn me some brownie points!
  • Treasure Island, that’s right I’m reading it, I found an old school copy at Goodwill for cheap and it’s awesome

That’s all for tonight I hope you found this “written account of what be happening” interesting.  I trust the many bullet points I used were a good way to disseminate information.

Have a wonderful morning/day/evening (please use whichever is applicable to you in reference to the time you are reading this)

The Three “F’s” Fitness Friday and Failure

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Today once again is Fitness Friday the time of the week when I tell you all about my goal to eventually get ripped.  Unfortunately there isn’t much to say this week.  I started out strong on Monday; I did all the required exercises, both push-ups and sit-ups.  Wednesday, however, not only did I go on a hike but I was punched in the gut by flu like symptoms. (When I say punched in the gut I am, of course, being figurative. It wasn’t the stomach flu it was the normal flu I am just inferring that it came with out warning and it was a jerky thing to happen.)

Between the flu, hiking, and youth group I had no energy left Wednesday to work on my “guns” or my “pack.” I consoled myself by saying I would simply do it Thursday.  Thursday rolled around however and between suffering from, at this point, extreme flu like symptoms and work I had absolutely no desire nor energy to perform the required exercises.

All of this brings us to today, Fitness Friday. I am still ill although I feel much better compared to yesterday.  And I don’t have any desire to work on my “guns” or sculpt my “pack.”  I hope to work up the motivation to do it by the time I go to sleep tonight but we’ll have to see.  Either way I plan on picking back up with the same week next Monday and this time succeeding.

I won’t let this get me down though, I will rise above this. I will fight to achieve the body of an Adonis. So do not lose faith kind readers I will rise above my laziness and my sickness. The odds are against me but I will continue the fight.  One day I will beat it! It may take me a day, or a week, or even a week and a half but it will be done. It will be done!

An Epic Tale as Told In Word Pictures

October 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I went on an epic although futile journey to Pikes Peak.  I brought a camera with which to capture the breathtaking views, the colors of the leaves changing in the brisk autumn air, the memories made between me and my friends, and the adventures that we undertook.  Unfortunately the batteries that I purchased at Walgreens before our hike were dead when I put them in my camera.

Since I was unable to paint you photograph pictures I will instead have to paint you word pictures of our trip which won’t be nearly as epic but will hopefully still make you feel like you were in the mountains with us.

We started the hike in the Crags parking lot.  It looked like a normal parking lot with a bathroom (that I later found out smelled awful).  We then climbed up some stone steps and started on the trail.  We hiked on the trail and saw many many aspen trees turning from a Crayola brand “yellow-green” crayon color to a “autumn-leaf yellow” color (hopefully my word pictures are helping you feel like you are there). 

After hiking and hiking and hiking and hiking some more we got to the top of a “Crag” or in layman’s terms a “big rock.”  It was insanely windy.  I realize “insanely” doesn’t help you picture how windy it was so for this one I’m going to put a picture up:


This is quite literally what the wind was like.  We didn’t actually see a cloud blowing on us like that but I’m pretty sure there was a cloud somewhere doing this because it was really really really windy.

After the end we kept following the trail where we ran into two older men.  They informed us that we were actually on the wrong trail to get to Pikes Peak so we started back-tracking.

To make a long story short we took another wrong turn and finally decided that getting to the top of Pikes Peak was not meant to be for us that day.  Instead we climbed to the top of a massive rock pile.  To fully get the word picture in this place I want you to think about a very tall building 4 stories minimum.  If that building was made out of rock and had very convenient ledges to climb onto and wasn’t so much building shaped as it was rock shaped then that would be what this rock pile we climbed on was like.

After that, while we were climbing down the rock pile we came to an interesting formation that was like a tunnel only it wasn’t very long.  It led down to where we wanted to get to, it was kind of like a straw but made out of rocks and much wider but, proportional to its width, much skinnier than a straw.  Since I’m sure you can picture it in your head right now I don’t think I have to tell you how epic it was.

Later on our hike back we found a nice little mini cave that we sat in and ate our granola bars and flavored rice cakes.  While we were eating birds flew over so we began to feed them.  It was like a scene out of Snow White only instead of a bunch of woodland creatures helping a woman clean it was a bunch of birds eating granola and rice cakes out of some awesome dudes’ hands.

The final epic thing we did on the hike was jump over a chasm.  Luckily this is another thing that I can at least give you an idea of with another picture:


So if the hobbits were hiding in a chasm and not on the side of a hill, it would be just like this, there were trees, and roots, and an overhang.   The chasm itself was about 7 feet wide and it was quite intimidating.  Finally though myself and another friend were able to work up the guts to make the 9 foot jump to the other side and after we jumped all 13 of those feet we really felt like we accomplished something amazing.

So there you have it, a highlight of all the epic things that were done on our epic yet futile journey to the top of Pikes Peak.

And the moral of the story?  Don’t buy double-A batteries from Walgreens because they don’t work and you’ll be left spending way to much time trying to come up with adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, and similes to describe your hike when you could have just posted a bunch of pictures.

New Feature: Fitness Friday

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Don’t get the wrong impression of me, I don’t mean to be selfish but this post is going to be all about me.  That was just a quick FYI for you.

I’m going to try something here and we’ll see if it works, if I don’t post anything like this next week then everyone will know the idea (and myself, as the originator of the idea) will have been a failure.  I’m going to start a new “feature” on this blog called Fitness Friday partially because one day I hope to look like this:


Not only will I have an 8-pack and overly large pectorals, I will also have the strength to fight off a thousand nations of the Persian Empire as they descend upon me…but I digress.

Even more importantly, though, Fitness Friday is alliteration, which makes it more fun.

So what does Fitness Friday entail?  I’m going to start a new workout regimen that will replace my current workout plan that consists of sword fighting on Wii Sports Resort and dancing poorly at traffic lights.  I’m going to replace it with two different plans they are:

I know the pictures may look a little “soft” what with the light colors and the girl doing the push-ups, but fear not, for there is absolutely nothing girly about being able to pound out 100 push-ups.

This morning I did the initial test for both of the programs; I was able to do 81 sit-ups (which are really crunches the way they have you do them) which put me in the “excellent” category, and 41 push-ups which put me at “level 4.”  Those numbers mean 2 things:

1) I am a beast!

2) I am supposed to start at week 3 of the 6 week program because I am such a beast.

So here we go it’s Friday today so I’ll start week 1 on Monday and next Friday I’ll post how it all went. I also found a pull-up challenge that I may try to throw in with this too, but we’ll have to see how I feel after the first week or so. And if all else fails I can always fall back on this exercise plan:

That’s all I’ve got today, have a great weekend everybody

Hello world!

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

This is the first of potentially numerous blog posts.  Seriously we’re talking at least a couple dozen posts of pure unadulterated awesome. Maybe even more who knows.

To kick this off in style I’m going to answer some questions that I’m sure are running through everyone’s head right now.  I’d like to call in a F.A.Q. time but none of theses questions have been Asked let alone Frequently Asked so We’ll have to refer to this as a F.A.Q. section. Lets do it…

What are you going to blog about?

I’d like to answer that question with another question: what will I NOT blog about? as far as starting out goes nothing will be off limits.  You my friend are looking at a no-holds-barred blogging event of the century taking place every time you check out this spot.  One day the topic could be midgets, the next day it could be awkward Hawaiian Punch flavors, later on in the week it could be a blog about current life happenings.  The sky is the limit here really…well not really more figuratively but you get the gist.

How often will you be updating?

How should I know, I’ll post whenever I feel like it.  Hopefully at least once a week, maybe daily, maybe bi-daily…maybe and this would just be crazy tri-daily!

Do I need to know who you are to understand this blog?

No, although if you don’t know who I am I may assume you are a stalker.

How can I find out if there is a new post?

Well chances are I’ll tweet about it and I may even post something on facebook but thats only if I’m feeling really inspired. If you’re really nerdy you can always do the whole rss feed thing or something though…I think, I’m not really sure how all that works.

Those are all the questions I can think of, if you have any feel free to comment, or don’t if you don’t want to.

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